Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Video hype: Plan B - Superfuture

Hold on to your hats, the first promo of Plan B's Superfuture has been released. We'll have to wait until 2010 for it, but with hot shizzle like Danny Way, Brian Wenning, Jereme Rogers, PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Ryan Sheckler (love of hate shecks he has some talent) and Paul Rodriguez, this is going to be mindbendingly awesome.

Plus, check the crip decks to accompany the promo.

Perfect to liven up the grey winter days!

Spray..."Between the Lines"

Like it or Loath it, Graffiti's Part of the Culture

"Where do you draw the Line on Graffiti?"
A short 15 min. movie asking that very question. 
Produced by a group of High School students from San Francisco.

Young artists gotta start some where...A Must See!!

GeT SocIAL=GiVe a dONaTIon

Monday, 29 December 2008

Spot Sights

Exploring Sheffield's Arty Underbelly...or summut like that!

After having a good skate we usually try to have a wonder, looking around a city not only for new spots but also some interesting Graffs and other things that we can photo.
And Sheffield didn't let us down.

A cool mural by Kid Acne, situated on Brown Street in a car park near the Site Gallery and beside BBC Radio Sheffield.

This wicked piece was at a pub called the Rutland Arms, again on Brown Street. We were informed by Rob the Landlord that this graffiti
was by someone called Clegg, but with a bit more research it turns out its Phlegm, and was commision by the pub in the summer 08, the colours are so vibrant, well worth a close look.
And its also lit green at night, so ya can't miss it!

This stuff is best seen in the flesh so to speak, another detailed mural by Phlegm.
Situated at the traffic lights at Shales Moor and West Bar junction. Get out there and take a look!

This guy you could easily mistake for Banksy, these bits found near Devenshire Green were done by a dude named Moses.

Other Bits of the belly...

Get SoCiAL=ShaRe a Red buLL

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Lets Talk Shop...Update

End of Story Sheffield

Yep its true, another closure hits the English skate scene.
Story offically closes its doors for good at the end of December, with a few bargains still to be had.

Drop in and see Dave Dave, before its gone for good.

Storys been through tough times in the past and returned, lets hope its not the final chapter, but for now it is The End!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Epicly Later'd: Lakai - the making of Fully Flared

In light of the upcoming Final Flare, Epicly Later'd have done a set of episodes on the production, skating and general hype of Full Flared. When you see the explosion real time, you'll know why it's worth ordering your copy of The Final Flare. Get a load of this.

Also, don't forget to check the Epicly Later'd archive - episodes featuring Reynolds, Ellington, Cardiel... Check it here at VBS.tv

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"...Update

Another great one from Dave the Chimp

Get SoCiAL=GiVE a HeLpinG HaND

Get motivated

A Christmas collection of some of the biggest and gnarliest bangers that have gone down. Yes we know there are loads more...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

Kid Acne Designs more Boards for Bomber

Acers has been doing graffiti, illustrations and design for nearly 10 years now, based in Sheffield, his art can be seen not only in galleries but also on the city streets.
Women, animals and skeletons are his forte, so keep a look out if your ever in the Field.

With a successful collaboration with Unabomber destined to continue, new board designs are due out early in 09...Rockin

GEt SoCiAL=Sk8 WiTh a MaTe

"Word on the Street "

Words out that Faze 7 the distribution company for people like Fallen, Mystery and Blueprint has gone bust, so it looks like those people need someone to sort out there goods... any takers? 
Stay tuned for more info when we get it.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Final curtain

We got our document subscription yesterday. A sad day, as Document have confirmed their 10th Anniversary issue, will in fact be their last.

Thanks for everything guys, it's been a wicked mag. 

At least we still have Sidewalk - but remember, good things don't last forever... Subscribe now here!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Sidewalk launches bang tidy new site

Get your peepers over to http://sidewalkmag.com/ while it's wet out and entering some competitions, reading about your heroes and looking at skate pictures to get you excited for when it's dry. 

The nice dudes at Sidewalk have redesigned the site to take a look

Pay it forward

Monday, 15 December 2008

Battle at the Berrics: DVS game of SKATE

Shit this is hot. There is a massive game of SKATE going on at the Berrics with all your favourite pros - even some English blood in there to spice it up. Home grown favourites include Benny Fairfax and Paul Shier (and both of those are through the first round, beating Mikey Taylor and Clint Peterson).

Check the status of the table here - The Berrics website. This is a must see - Check below a few highlights (all the vids can of past games are on the Berrics website, with many more to come until someone takes all the glory).

This will blow your hair back.

Mike Mo VS Eric Koston

Paul Shier VS Clint Peterson

The sweetest victory... Nice one Shier.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Parks Review: Alfreton skatepark

Interesting this one. Usually the term 'skatepark' means lots of ridable obstacles, interesting features to get creative on and somewhere we can all lurk and meet up. Well, there's a reason some of the locals here are shit hot on tranny - their local skatepark is made up of 1 bowl and 1 ramp...

Have a look

The bowl needs a bit of TLC

The larger of mini ramp sizes

A bit too frosty cheers

So there's a transfer after your line through the shit

Nice pony

So that's what Alfreton have got

Creative services courtesy of local scallies

So that's it. It's not much, but enough to make you into a tranny expert.
If you're desperate to try it out, you can find it here (thanks to MPORA Local)

Don't get frostbite




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