Saturday, 27 November 2010

Skate Stopped

Thought it was our lucky day when I looked out of the window and saw beautiful blue skies... But then I noticed that the weather is England's natural skate stopper.

Gulls were loving the freshness

Deep enough

Another use for the Reynolds, gripping the ground

No paint needed for this kind of grafitti... upcoming artists unite

Vernon Gate was covered

This is hard enough to skate in dry conditions

Brrrr, pick up a Hoodie from the Hooked shop while it's cold out

They really do work... cheers SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Enjoy the indoors, watch videos

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Amazing photography + skateboards =

The most awesome visual feast. Check this photoblog for more of this. This kid is only 18 but knows how to shoot like a grown man.

Inspired? Get thy camera out ready for the snow!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Derby Skatepark in the Telegraph

The Derby Evening Telegraph have today published a half page feature on the new Derby Skatepark.

This will hopefully aid the support for the Planning Permission, but we still need to combat those negative vibes by showing your feedback at the Derby City Council website here >

Read the Derby Evening Telegraph article here >

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Skatepark support update

It's looking good so far, we have 453 people supporting the skatepark project, and no-one opposing it according to the Derby City Council's website.

If you've not done so already, fill in this form quickly and ensure our new Derby skatepark gets built!

Cheers to all of you who filled it in, and double thanks to all of you who filled it in and encouraged others to too.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Hooked Book

Something we're working on. So many photos, tricks and times recorded. If you are interested in having some shots we took of you in it, let us know. The book will be awesome. Keep your eyes peeled, get in touch, let us know if your feeling it.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Demigods & Cosmic Children: Reda

So we picked up Reda's book in the Huf shop in SF. Lots of portraits of your favourite pros and celebs, with Reda shooting them in ways that show their personality.
Have a look.

Debossed and spot UV

Some text to read, read about Reda

Thrashed Phelps

Legendary Gonz

Carroll & cat tail

Alex Oleson

Model friends of Reda's


Berra and his ankles

Smoke and the cat's foot


Plus some other weird & wonderful shots.

Friday, 12 November 2010


We love tech decks. It's so awesome having a tiny version of your favourite pro deck or company board. Well well well, look what we found, the first British board company to make it to Tech Deck. That's what I call hitting the big time, nice one lads.

Don't forget to buy your full size blueprint boards from our friends Rollersnakes.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vote YES to the Derby skatepark

It's here.

The skatepark feedback has been fed back, and we have a new amazing park design. Have a look, it's going to be amazing. It's got everything, and more. Start fantasising about those infinite lines and bangers now, and by the time this thing opens in April 2011, we'll be ready.


It's going to planning, and it needs a lot of support - via this council form you fill in ONLINE.

This is what it looks like

You need to fill it in, your friends need to fill it in, your parents, brothers & sisters, girlfriends & boyfriends and even your cat. Fill it in online. Do it now.
You can also view the full spec page of the project on the Council's website here, very interesting read.

There may be opposition to this and we need to make sure we have a load of support to counteract any criticism.

Woot the skatepark is coming, thanks for all the help everyone, pat on the back for every single person who has helped make this happen.

Spread the word!

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog, or the Hooked blog and website for updates!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Burton bashing

Burton is still fun after all these years - what is it, 5 years? Maybe 4. We see people rock up and do things we'd thought we'd never see, it's so awesome how parks develop a life of their own.

We zipped over on Saturday.

It's super fun when you go at 6pm in Summer and have an epic evening... it's also amazing when you get up early and have it all to yourself

Eclipse of the mini

Hooked family member Josh rocked up to join us

And mini ripper Ryan Kirk

Then so did Jacob Bettinson

FS nosegrind the whole length

Josh Price and Mike showed up with Jacob, and all manner of frolics occurred

Like these switch trés

And some tail stalls by Josh

Even some stretches by Ryan

Josh Price, switch tré

Bettinson eyes it up

Josh lurks stall-tastically

Hang that foot... let him off

Then Jacob went berzerk and frontside flipped the gap

And a butters backside flip too

Bettinson backside flip, angle 2

Then half-cab flip... beast

Ryan Kirk signature flipped it easy

Bettinson half-cab flip 2

We watched in amazement

Chill games of skate

Ryan and Josh chill with a battle

Collecting footage for the Hooked video is paramount, if you want to be on it, lurk with us