Wednesday, 2 December 2009

R.I.P. Broadmarsh Banks

Today Hooked went down to the Banks to pay their respects.

A gloomy Wednesday portrayed how we all felt as the realization of the demise of this historic spot hit home...

Fair to say alot of the character of the spot had been removed over the years, with the encroaching development of the area taking its toll.
But good times were still to be had- many a week end found the Banks still populated with skaters and riders using the area as a social as well as practical way of spending their time.

No longer...

Smiles have been wiped off a lot of peoples faces, lets hope Notts City Council can put them back soon!!

Banks as was.

Now shit all!




The famous face pillar.

Builder said the Council were going to put them else were in the city, but half of them have been knicked already.
Scum bags!


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