Sunday, 25 November 2007

Shiny things, designing tees & tech stuff

Well the Christmas lights are up. I guess that means saving for Christmas presents begins... The new Hooked decks hit the streets in the next week or so, 25 pound a pop and come in a nice range of shapes. Contact for more information.

Meanwhile the Hooked Ramp Thrash Saturday sessions spawned the first Hooked: Design a tee competition... skaters design till they drop for the chance to win their design and it be available for everyone to buy on the Hooked website. Keep your eyes open for the winning design...

"Fill it up!"

Now the weather's wet there's only a few places to skate....
....Dave topping up the tricks at the petrol station.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Welcome to winter

It's officially winter. Derby definately needs an indoor skatepark... but we're working on it. Until then we're blessed with dry carparks and undercover petrol pumps. Great places to brush up old favourites and new tricks.