Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Derby grind

We lurked around some Derby street spots to get some home grown footage for the upcoming video Yo, Gimme Dat.. dropping in October with a premier in the pipeline.
Here's what happened.

We noticed one of these rails hit by a car and crooked

So Jacob put a crooked on it

Kearney put a giant smith on it

A few boardslides to get the graphics worn in

Some bro-ing down

Check the angle of the dangle!

Can't wait until the footage drops in the video!

Monday, 29 August 2011

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Bangers with Kearney

This month Hooked lurker Ryan Kearney drops 5 bangers on the Sabbath... a day late due to Bank Holiday happenings... it all went down at our new Derby Skatepark, over the flatbank to flat, have a look.

Now watch the video for the action... and subscribe to the Hooked YouTube channel for more.

Epic ridable architecture: Factoría Joven, Spain

Checkout this skatepark: Factoría Joven (Youth Factory) in Lusitania, Spain. It contains not only a skatepark but a climbing wall and other stuff to keep the youth off the streets.

The design is inspired by construction methods used to build Chinese Dragons. It's lit up with covered areas too. Not that they need it in Spain...

Hubbas, hips and transition

Gnarly bowls



Out of cover areas

Coloured bowls too...
This place is definately worth checking if your over there!

Photos by Iwan Baan and Roland Halbe. More on the story here.

And a bit of footage of it's features too

Monday, 22 August 2011

Rollersnakes Mini Push: win £250

Check out Rollersnakes' Mini Push comp...

Simples - make an edit of you an your friends, then upload it and enter. We hope to see the friends of Hooked repping on this one... Can't wait to see the edits!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Insight: Andrew Reynolds

Baker Boss tells us how it came to be, and how he rolls. That's why HE THA BOSS.

Smash yo self: Leicester + Loughborough

We zipped over to Leicester and Loughborough for a few tricks for the video we're putting together. For the first time in ages all of the Hooked team were together.

Kearney, Callum + Jacob check out the Polly drop

Kearn-dog is feeling it

Motivating the lurkers

Unless it's a fashion shoot

Double eagles

Kearney nollies the gap

Preparing for more

A few crazy fashionistas lurked these roads... and we're not on about the hat


Bettinson limbers up

We headed back to Loughborough park for a warm down... we'd already filmed a crisp edit, but then in the afternoon it rained...

And it was too wet so we went back to Derby for a session.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Derby bangers

We went on a local city mission to get a few bangers for the video. have a look.

Beggy was popping

Leech was looking

Kearney was popping

Beggy chilling

Then at the Spot

Handrail has had some hammer over the years

Leech was on barrier safety... discovering gaps

Kearney pops a few nollies

Lands some tricks, and it all ends with a deck snap

Derby Skatepark opening full footage

Chevy the Derby filmaker has done a great overview edit of the comp, prizewinners, comp runs and lots of other niblets. have a look!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Midlands ripper and Enuff rider Jacob Bettinson joins Hooked, and has been filming for a full part on the Hooked video Yo, Gimme Dat.
To see Jacobs vital statistics have a look at his team page.

If you're not sure what he looks like on a board, here's an edit from Kimberley Skatepark we helped film the other week for his Enuff sponsor.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bettinson Smashed Loughborough

Nottingham massive

We went over to Nottingham for a bit of filming for the Hooked video dropping this Autumn. Not only did we catch up with the Notts crew, but also a bunch of the Derby lurkers too. Have a look.

Back alley dealings, Josh + Will + Council worker

Leech gets familiar

Harry Potter was there

jacob Bettinson, Hardflip

Chev gets the cam out

Josh Price, Varial heel - Becca films

Telephone steez

Dylan smashed a kickflip early on

Jacky Sicky smashed tonnes of tricks down em

Then it started raining so we hid

Under trees

Board got we but it didn't matter as it got snapped on a bs flip

Lurkers gonna lurk


So we ran for cover indoors

Gandelf was out on his bike

Then we headed back to Derby... at least we got a bag full of footage