Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bro Power in Buxton

We were in Buxton on Saturday, as part of an organised festival. We rocked up with our ramps and started a jam session. The ramps got their first hammering since they got their new look, but no matter how we tried, the locals tried, they couldn't strip off the emperor's new coat.

The team were busy setting up ramps

Behind bars

Raising the flag

Josh warms up

So does Callum with bs blunts

Boards basking. Ahh- what a day.

Phil and Kate being followed by the helmet people, only way to kill them is to spray the word Hooked all over um.

Josh tre's kicker.

Callum veggin on the astro, sun kissed!

Miles fs tail.

Synchro- Tilla, a noselide... or switch backside tail?

Callum 50-50 on the prime paint.

C, stalls on the mini. Watch the mouth, a mistake can see you gobbled up and shat out... ouch!

Josh lookin a bit crooked.

Miles 50.

Bs nosegrind from M-C-W.

Some old folks don't care, walking straight through the session.
Lady with a Monster Energy Drink and a major attitude problem... fangs a lot.

Dave holdin hands with Ellie Koyander- jealous.

Our friend Ellie Koyander, Ski Mogal pro and Brit Olympian, braves out the drop on the mini... nearly.

The Drive Way has picked up a nasty fetish for looking up trouser legs.

The crowd go wild - Hooked squad look at the artwork they created with a fine but small ramp layout

Mr vein got a scuffing

We got some clips for an edit

Josh 'Made this Sh*t look good'

Miles tests out the mini downrail... the bs feebled it


Birdseye view

After a major warm up session with the team, we got some local nippers who wanted to try skateboarding, so we gave them a go. It was hot, but awesome.
Check the footage below:

The main message we were left with was:

Rememeber dat innit

Make Friends With The Colour Blue: Baines offcuts

Well, the DVD dropped yesterday, and for anyone who hasn't got it on order, here's Mark Baines offcutts... crip. Purchase your copy from Rollersnakes.

Friday, 23 April 2010

C-town gets a makeover

The small park that is. Lurking in C-Town the other day and we noticed someone had given this council job a lick of paint. All skateparks are better than nothing, but we need to learn a lesson from this.

You can't polish a turd.

Pretty in pink: Quarter is fresh

Spine... grindbox looks appetising in the background

Dog on the coping, not seen that trick before.

Head over to get your spine transfers nailed before taking them to the big boys playground at Southglade.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fit for a King G

We rolled up at king G for a session with a few friends, The sun was out, and so were the local lurkers. When we finally got the mob off the box, Dan dropped some crip manoeuvres.

Crip crooks

The gentleman's way

John hit the rail

Dan, front nose griz

John varial flip's the slip slope

Dan's fs flip

Ender, bigflip

Sweep off the sticks and stones and give it a session

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Buxton Blow Out.

From 10am in the Pavillian Gardens

If your brave enough to venture up to the Dark Peak, home of the unstable Buxton.

Then you can catch up with the Hooked Crew/Team with our new "Excited to be Alive for Summer" image.

We're down right stoked to be out for the first time this year with refreshed rampage.

So come skate or just kick back enjoy the sun and a chat, its all for the fun!

Dammit that reminds me, I need a piss...

Burton... Sunday Show Down

On Sunday Toby Batchelor through down a Black 6.


Toby fs lip .

Fraser bs 180.

Dave gettin the angle right, Toby fakie fs nose-shuv out.

Shit this fruit salads strong!

Switch frontside big spin by Fraser.

Landin it, bs heel, who's ya daddy.
Toby and Fraser- they don't always see eye to eye.

Im sure Mr Ts lost weight... ha ha.

I know who I'll be votin for... Spock.