Friday, 9 April 2010

One final Roll?

Remember how much of a blast we had last Summer.
Well it's kicking off, for one final session, on the 8th of May. Same time, same place - get down to Roe Farm Community Centre MUGA to roll with us. There will be some comps, prizes and achievements to aim for.

Let's look at the lest set of sessions to see what good stuff went down...

We had a giant skate battle

Tom Ball won

Fraser cleared a gap

Relationships formed

Eardrums burst

T-shirts were bought and sold

We floated like butterflys

And got stung like bees

We repped


We shredded

And we slid, and they were an awesome blast...

Have a look at some footage of one of the events

But wait, this year our ramps have had a makeover, courtesy of our rad illustrator friend George Mitchell... can't wait to see what you got for them now.

Grind box



The beast

Hope to see you there friends

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