Monday, 12 April 2010

Life's A Bitch... And Then There's The Weekends

Mansfield... Session in the Sun!
(this post has been sanitized for younger audiences)

Go back to the furthers corners of you mind, do you remember when days were longer, tshirts ruled and the only worries you had was, if you were goin to crash at the sk8 park with ya mates or catch the bus all the way back home to find you were locked out.

Well them dayz are coming back... roll on summer.

Hooked hit the big M this weekend with a sesh for the youngsters and a mega with the Hooked Team, Craig Smedley, Will Golding and the big M locals.

Only one downer- poo hit the fan when some builder turned up to reclaim a bike seat from an Xer, but other than that the world was a kind place to be.

Slams, bams and kapows were the vocab of the day, so claims the pics below.


Josh opened up with a barrage of lip tricks

Little Ryan Kirk came along for the ride, upwards fs board

Callum ollies the 6

Smedders kflips the gap.

Local 180 to flat.

Every third skater go a free tat.
Callum opted for a wicked rose and colourful time piece.
Another went for "I'd rather be skatin with Mom" across his back.
Turns out it was a miss understanding by tatoo artist, instead of "Mom" it should have been "Miles"- the things you got to live with eh!

Captain Jack Sparrow was spotted on his scooter, the local were havin none of it!

Mr C and Chevy soakin up the sun.

Smedders in flip mode.

Becca butt shot on the gap.

Callum thrown some good poo down. No grass cutters here.

360 the step up for Josh.

Ryan K gettin cheeky on the gap.

Line up... you going to go or what Josh R.

Dave teachin some urban tech tricks.

Jive Talkin, the Bee Gee's would be proud.

RK representing.

Lapin it up RK and JN.

Craig 50 50.

We gave some young guns the chance to try it out

Dave was taking style tips from the Spring daffodils

Becca films

Callum studies

Rad and Smedders chew the fat, and ice cream

Ryan rocking Heathen everything

Phil relaxing on the cope

Golem chills with precious icecream

Josh loved this block, crip kickflip manny after this

Catalogue Callum

Somethin to do with scuba diving we thinks...?

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