Thursday, 8 April 2010

Back to the grind

Wow, England has some rough concrete. You really notice when you skate another country where it feels like the streets are paved with gold. We went for a session down at the lego brick park on Slack Lane - first time some of us had rode it.

Shocker - The tarmac is all ripped up and there's litter everywhere. We like digestive biscuits, but not scattered and regurgitated over the skatepark floor.

Anyway we had a bit of a warm up

Rad Dad loves a bs noseslide on the slippy block

Back tails for Dave

And some crook practice

Shiiii..... it's been waxed

Then onwards and upwards for some some new lines on old spots...

What spots are you hitting these days, revisit some that you haven't skated in ages with all your new tricks!

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