Thursday, 28 May 2009


Clap em or Slap um, you decide.

Arting in oils @ The Spowageart Gallery in Notts

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.
Leonardo da Vinci

(Try rolling your ankle sometime!!)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Skate Park... Unleashed

Do Not Disturb, Sess in Progress at the
New Chesterfield Skate Park

With a window in the wet and wank weather, we decided to follow up a lead we got from some local skaters, word on the street was that Chez had a new skate park!!

The covert skaters said that it was situated above the car park at a new B&Q, just off the roundabout onto Chez.

So with the early morning sun a blazin and the traction control off we sped towards this reputed little gem. The Stig would have been impressed with the time it took the Urban Assault Vehicle to get to our ultimate destination,  and with the promise of Smedders and the Imagination UK crew from Notts turning up, it looked like a wicked day was about to commence.

Brothers from other mothers

Get your trucks round that

A lush site sculptured in crete, situated beside a scenic lake(massive puddle made by the run off from the park) which took its toll on drenching boards and bearings.


Craig warms up with back lips

Craig throwin down tré bombs like you've only seen in films

Blunts on the lovely mellow mini

FS nollie flip disaster

Bigspin heels over the best hip-kicker in England

Crooks to roll in

Rad dad collects evidence for the edit

Fs nosegristle - see it live in the edit

Josh C with inward heels... Boom

Josh C, halfcab flip the slippery nipple

The surface is as slick as a Mo Fo.
Story goes that grannies come out after dark with a generator, lights, buffers and dusters. They take all night to get a smooth waxy finish on the surface of the park to catch out any weiry skater during daylight hours... naughty!

It was cool to see Sean Currie shredding with a kickflip noseslide

Our own hot rocks Dave shows us how to do a varial flip out of the nipple hip.

A big up to to Smedders, and a few of the Imagine crew from Notts: Josh C, Sam B, Chris A, Lewis B and C Culdron. Bless you.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hiding from the rain

So it's been a bit wet lately, we ventured out in between the clouds a couple of times, chasing the dry spots. Classic blue rails we entertaining until it the clouds found us, so we took refuge under the trusy trainblocks.

Speeding though the leaves

The rain was trying to get in

Colour coded

Rad fs noseslides while someone marches piss down the dry spot

Fs noses getting faster

Dave fs flips the piss river to safety

Silhouette half cab

The new park at Chesterfield looks crip, Hooked + friends off to blaze it tomorrow, come down!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hooked Brand

Hooked Team member Miles Clark-Wallace and mates session Matlock between storms.

Is M C-W wearin trouser clips?- All will be revealed next time we go on the catch up...keep um peeled!

Lets Talk Shop

Element Skate Shop Hits Notts!

Were thinking there's only two shops in England now, and lucky old Nottingham has landed the second one(Birmingham has the other).

From the outside you know where your heading, with dudes throughin ollie's down in mega b an w murals in the windows at the front of the place.

The staff are oopa friendly, most are into riding some type of board or other, and are let out of their cages at least twice a day! Ha Ha

Great line of stock, good picy display, and a bunch of cool staff, what more friggin reasons do ya need to have a "go see".

Oh yeh their on Fletcher Gate...oops.