Sunday, 10 May 2009

China trip

A lot of skate companies are sending out their squad to China these days, and it's fast becoming the new skate Mecca. Like Barcelona - 10 years ago! There's Loads of spots and interesting terrain, but oddly enough, no one to skate it. Skateboarding is generally not big in China... except for making cheap boards probably.

So when we were offered the chance to go, we snapped it up. Have a look at where we lurked.

Welcome to China

No swine flu here

Ancient relic

We used mopeds to get around

Odd food... including squid tentacles and chicken head soup

Salute to the Dynasty

Old and new

Giant insect (attacking city)

There lots of interesting spots like this... with not many people to rinse them

Smooth take off, smooth landing

Assembly rooms anyone

They barriers are radder than ours

Loads of these everywhere

Marble and granite

If these were in England they'd be knobbed

Slick ledges and blocks

A lick of wax

Dave bs 5050s

Pier 7 style manny pads / ledges

Crooks were fast

Drinking ritulals

Small people

Lion King was a drummer in a band

This band could play anything you wanted

Chinese dogs


Bright lights

Ridable architecture everywhere

The beers are bigger

Our Chinese connection

So as there's not tonnes of skating being done -even in Beijing, people just watch in awe. People stop and stare at you skating, but not in the same way as England. It's a really laid back vibe, it's amazing skating spots that aren't rinsed for once.

It's expensive to get there, but when you are there it's dirt cheap - check it out if you can... there's bound to be a shit load of China on the new Zoo York vid!

Get travelling

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