Monday, 30 March 2009

"Getting Your Bearings"... Hooked Team

View with Ripper and All Round Cool Guy Chris Gair

Rite Dude, its gona be like pullin teeth this interview, a relief when its all done, so grit um...

Hooked: Where are you from?

Born in Leicester but soon moved to Leeds with most of my family, and I would say Im a Yorkshire lad.

Hooked: How would you describe your skating?

A bundle of mediocrity.

Hooked: Who would you say has a great style in skateboarding today?

David Gravette.

Hooked: What tricks are you learning at the moment?

Backside 360s.

Hooked: What inspired you to start skating?

Playing Tony Hawk and I went outside and found an old battered Asda board. I asked my dad to take me to Alvaston Skate Park and I was riding down the banks and I never stopped from then on.

Hooked: What's the sort of music you like to skate to?

I don't really skate to music but if I had to it would be Joy Division.

Hooked: What trick do you think you should have by now but don't?

Frontside flips.

Hooked: What trick do you have in your bag that will shut someone down at a game of SKATE?

Pop shove late flip.

Hooked: What's your fav stuff to skate?

Mini ramp, because you can be inventive and it flows really well.

Hooked: If you had a choice between a cap, beanie or cherry flavored Chapstick which would it be?

Cherry flavored Chapstick all the way!

Hooked: Got any ideas for your next 6 trick on the Sabbath feature?

Not at all, ha ha I'll just wait and see.

Hooked: What do you hope to get in your next Hooked product pack?

Some Bones Reds.

Hooked: 360 XBOX or PS3?( they won't be in your next prody pack, sorry)

Ha, PS3 because the XBOX 360 always break

Hooked: Geezzzz them wisdoms are the worst aren't they...
Thanks for the view Dude, keep brushin!

I'll stand still, go around go around, one day it will be worth while...

Rampin at Wangl Tangl

Doubles Comp

Manhead, Andy Scott, Churchill, Nordberg, Wainwright(there's more).

Yep, all the big guns were there last week at the Wangl in Mayrohofen, Austria.

Check it!!

Courtesy of Sidewalk

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Floodit: the screen print workshop night

So a night of screen printing with some rad bands and tonnes of rad illustrators and designers, should be a blast... it bloody was. Organised by the good gents at Waste, we all got wet and messy. Awesome atmosphere, selling prints hot of the press, bands playing... see for yourself.

Screen printing workstations

Getting busy already

Waste stickers

Norm from Wast helps the kids get started

Becca sorts us out with some tape

Dave's screen being flooded with red ink

Doing a sweet print

People were mad for prints hot off the press

Becca pins up Dave's prints

Dave + Dan from Waste

Get mental

Lurkers everywhere

Dave + some prints he did

2 colour print

Lurkers stalking the crip work

No shit, this was an amazing night if you like art / illustration / bands / lurking / drinking
We'll keep you posted when the next one occurs so you can get with the lurkfest.

Cheers everyone who organised it

Friday, 27 March 2009

Wallenberg bashing

On May 30th, history will be made you'll be a part of it. What we're looking for: Heart-stopping, jaw-dropping gnar shit like switch heelflips, nollie flips (nollie anything, really), fakie flips, switch threes… Everybody knows the ABDs so there won't be any cash for those. The amp ramp will be provided, but the talent is your part. All I know is that someone's walking away with 10-large, and the first girl who jumps the Big Four will get a grand. No hands, no grabs, no crybabies. 12 noon; team managers take note. —Phelps

So, this will be sick - we'll be looking out on the tube for the latest footy... keep an eye on Thrasher!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"Getting Your Bearings"

Ben Cundall- Death, Nike SB, Budding Thespian

Hooked: Hey Dude wicked to see you... ok treat this interview like your sitting in a Jumbo Jet. At the start full throttle till were off the ground, mid flight a bit of turbulence so stay seated and hang on tight, finally nice easy descent and arrival...Ok start those engines...

Hooked: How's life on the Death, been on any wild trips lately?

Not been on a trip for a while with the Death Team but I have away with Nike on a caravan trip to the seaside for a fluff magazine who are doing a limited edition Nike SB book due out later this year, it's going to be dope.

Hooked: Can't wait to see that... now that Document has ceased, there probably won't be a Big Push this year for Death to win. What projects(adverts/videos) have you been busting your balls for lately?

I may have a Death advert coming out soon, and apart trying to get photo's the new Death video is everyones main mission at the moment, I need to focus and really start busting my balls to get some footage locked.

Hooked: What's the worst thing that happened to you while you were drunk?

Accidentally getting the train to Peterborough instead of Harrow and missing a free trip to the Isle of White. That sucked but luckily the tour article came out really well even though I missed the last stretch.

Hooked: What tricks are you learning at the moment?

Switch flip back tails, fs nollie heel to switch back 5.0.

Hooked; Respect... We noticed that you've done a bit of TV presenting over the years, have you got anymore offers to be on the box in the near future?

I love acting, it's super hard to get into anything half decent, I would love to be in Hollyoaks as a rebellious skateboarder love rat, that would be dope so Hollyoak execs if your listening!!!

Hooked: What trick do you have in your bag that would shut someone down in a game of skate?

Dunno, I can do inward heelflips regular, fakie, nollie and switch on a good day, so I guess that would shut down a few people down.

Hooked: Amen... Who on Death has the worst habits?

Moggins, he is pure scum.

Hooked: Tell us how it's going with Nike SB, are they doing you any more ltd edition shoes?

They are constantly doing ltd edition shoes with various different themes, each month Im stoked on my package. The Janoski shoe that is due out sometime soon is looking really nice.

Hooked: What skate vid gets you psyched to skate?

Mind Field is seriously inspiring, Fully Flared of course, the Transworld video with Richie was tight.

Hooked: Who has rad style in skateboarding today?

Dean Palmer, Koston, Malto, Welsh, Arto, Tim O'conner, Busenits

Hooked: So you're pretty into your Facebook... is that how you keep an eye on the party scene?

I use Facebook to chat with friends from all over and just keep up on what people are doing, I also browse the Sidewalk forum to keep up on skate gossip.

Hooked: What's it like being sponsored by Relentless, two cans of that back to back can give you a panic attack... you into it?

I stick to water, I find being hydrated helps your concentration more than anything.

Hooked: Curry, KFC or Chocolate Buttons?

Vindaloo all the way, with a shout out to KFC's gravy and the white Chocolate Buttons.

Hooked: Thanks for that Ben we've landed, you may now exit the plane.
I know the life jacket looks good on you, but leave it under seat and watch your step on the way out... cheers Dude its been a hoot.. ha ha

Monday, 23 March 2009

Wangl Tangl 2009 Mini warm up

From the lovely boys at Sidewalk, we get warm up footage from Austrias Wangl Tangl mini ramp event. Footage features UK star players Mark Churchill, Ben Nordberg, Manhead, Andy Scott and Greg Nowik...

Now that's how to skate mini.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Burton Jamming, day 2

So the weather was crip so we decided to head to Burton again... today it was packed with rad skaters. Proof below.

Callum Moor airwalks out of the extension

Mr Tom clears the top with an indy

Callum melons

Mr Tom tweaks

Callum nosegrab

And tailgrab

Whilst Mr Tom wallie 5-0 the haggard edge

Nice one everyone, see on YouTube

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Park Review

Burton's Bad Ass Skate Park

The park looked like a mirage in the morning sun, as we stepped out of the matt black interior of the Fiat into the welcoming warmth of a March heat haze. The crete finish was as smooth as a new set of Reds, and the park was like a brand new board crying out to be ridden.

Last time we'd been to the park for any length of time was way back in September 2007, when Danny Callow organised a memorable skate and slagging off sesh which had all the locals running after stickers and beach balls in the autumnal winds on the day. The place seemed larger then, but bigger doesn't always mean better, not with the Bad B.

Burtons got plenty of stuff to do, whippy transitions, blocks galore, semi bowl and some banks large enough to get speed up for you carvers.

Rad Dad, givin it some

Dave, heel to flat

Rad, 50 50 on the wave

Who said sheep can't have fun?

GeT SoCiAL=bRinG a fRIend

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spots Review...Update

Banksy Stencil Defaced

The lads right not to be smiling, this new Banksy stencil was sprayed in the East End of London and lasted about a week.

God, Love, Not Money was the tag that did the deed.

Some say they aren't happy, we say "ya can't win um all"

GeT SoCiAL=ShaRe soMe cHeEse

Monday, 16 March 2009

Vote in your favourite deck

Trying out some ideas for some new board graphics at Hooked, what do you think?





Let us know if you like... vote >

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Derby Spots Review

Silk Mill Blocks

Upside... The river gardens area of Derby has had a rebuild, and with it some fresh blocks and bits to be explored there in!

Downside... the blocks are made of some soft conglomerate stuff(sand stone we thinks) ummm.

*Also... infrared security CC"s everywhere, u can't run and hide...

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.
Bruce Lee