Thursday, 5 March 2009

Spray..."Between the Lines"... Update- QUAD

Derby Quad Centre-Evolution depicted in Graffiti

A few weeks ago we went on about Julie West and Deus doing Darwins concept of the development of our dear Planet and its occupants. We are pleased to say its finished and will try to depict it in all its glory!

The Story so far...

The Big Bang theory happening here, also a few Pows and pops. Quite a noisey time as time/space and a few other things fused to produce this piece of rock.

Due to the amounts of heat, moisture was produced. Condensation as we know it today, large amounts to produce water masses, this is were the whales and fishes come in, and cups of tea of course!

As furry animals eventually started to inhabit the Earth, they passed yellow snow men wearing wooly scarves as excrement(this is where the adage don't eat yellow snow came from).

As the climate got warmer humanoid type animals came into existance

A bit of procreation took place...

And the stone age was born.

Then the seasons(spring, summer, fall, winter) as we knew them back in 1985 came into being...

The rest is up to date, TV, Nano's, multi media, nasty mouse with tails(we go wireless).

Kids being weaned on Big Macs and  xbox 360

As we look into the future, it seems like the universe is our oyster... all wet and mushy.
What goes around comes around!

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bits it."
Laurence J. Peter

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