Thursday, 19 March 2009

Park Review

Burton's Bad Ass Skate Park

The park looked like a mirage in the morning sun, as we stepped out of the matt black interior of the Fiat into the welcoming warmth of a March heat haze. The crete finish was as smooth as a new set of Reds, and the park was like a brand new board crying out to be ridden.

Last time we'd been to the park for any length of time was way back in September 2007, when Danny Callow organised a memorable skate and slagging off sesh which had all the locals running after stickers and beach balls in the autumnal winds on the day. The place seemed larger then, but bigger doesn't always mean better, not with the Bad B.

Burtons got plenty of stuff to do, whippy transitions, blocks galore, semi bowl and some banks large enough to get speed up for you carvers.

Rad Dad, givin it some

Dave, heel to flat

Rad, 50 50 on the wave

Who said sheep can't have fun?

GeT SoCiAL=bRinG a fRIend

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