Friday, 27 March 2009

Wallenberg bashing

On May 30th, history will be made you'll be a part of it. What we're looking for: Heart-stopping, jaw-dropping gnar shit like switch heelflips, nollie flips (nollie anything, really), fakie flips, switch threes… Everybody knows the ABDs so there won't be any cash for those. The amp ramp will be provided, but the talent is your part. All I know is that someone's walking away with 10-large, and the first girl who jumps the Big Four will get a grand. No hands, no grabs, no crybabies. 12 noon; team managers take note. —Phelps

So, this will be sick - we'll be looking out on the tube for the latest footy... keep an eye on Thrasher!

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