Sunday, 29 June 2008

A day at southbank

Southbank is an awesome spot. Unlike most spots it's visually interesting as well as architecturally inspiring. Some of the regulars turned up, including some people you might know like Jin Shimizu from Landscape

Nice backdrop for the session

This place is as good as a tourist attraction with all the people stopping and staring us. A bunch of dudes even came over for a roll around on our boards. 

Shooting shots

Bling: silver graf

Smooth floor

Amazing block

Is there anywhere left to write? no.

These banks have had so much stuff done on them. They are steeper than they look in the videos too.

A nice seven set at each side to finish off your lines. Live the dream.

Check out the London locals in their Hold Tight videos - vol 9 here, check out the guys.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Derby Spots Review

Blue and Red Rails

Sundays the best day to show off your skills at this spot, rails litter the area like chewing gum outside a night club door. And with it being out of town, it keeps the pedestrian traffic down to a minimum, however some drivers hell bent on the purchase of bulbs may unwittingly park on your lines.
Watch out for the grit fairies, they will hit the brakes without warning.

You've heard of Blue Movies, but have you heard of Blue Moves, Dave throwing down some stuff that shouldn't be allowed!

How's our Driving?

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Train Blocks under threat!

Is this the end of our beloved Train Blocks, some gas company has decided to peel back the smooth outer skin of the spot, and you know what that means.. Deep operations always leave scars, we'll have to see how good they are at stitching things up.

In re-morse!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Tech skills

Some of the designers in the studio know how handle a tech deck pretty well. Dan demonstrates some moves for the camera.

Binder 5-0

Binder 5050

Binder smith

Paper ream noseblunt

Home skills inc nosegrind, 5-0 & smith

Stuff the streets it's wet outside

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Crip new wheels and Stoke

Got these new Spitfires, blinging silver print. I tested them at stoke with Phil, who learned two new grinds. I sweated my pants off for a crook 180 out down the hubba... why is it always windy at Stoke Plaza?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Uttoxeter Sess.

Squeezing the last of the remaining Creative Juices out of the Hooked Crew, before we lapsed into a state of semi lethargic apathy, we took some...Oh, just check out the photos...


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Uttoxeter skate Jam 08.06.08

This was a good skate jam. Not too many people there, but the people who were there, made the effort and made it an excellent session. The sun blazed down all day, the new driveway was hammered with massive tricks and the grind box stood strong and amused everyone. If I had a quid for every trick that has been done on that. 

Craig Smedley & friends showed up, blew the place apart and left. Look out for the shots of Craig (shot by a journalist) in the Uttoxeter local papers.

Here's the shots, see for yourself.





Hero of the day (grindbox)

Sort the surface

Nosemanny nollieflip out

Filming (See below for evidence)

Full length blunt


Kickflip nosemanny



Boom (photographer lives on the edge)

Crook from flat


Craig shoots for the papers

Bs nosegrind




Bs tailslide

Craig + Hooked tee

Bs nosegrind


Nollie crook

Switch crook

Tré over the rail to flat

Nosegrind revert