Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Factory footage from MilesCam

Miles' scraps from the factory session. More random lurkings on this blog

Monday, 25 January 2010

Hookin up with Relentless

We bumped into an old friend and some new ones today when we went to visit Snakes.
The Relentless energy drinks van slammed on it brakes outside the shop, and in came Chas and a couple of members of a band called Blackout.

Chas, Will and Tom.

Their doing a Kerrang/Relentless tour of the UK, and maybe coming to a place near you?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Factory Frolics 2

We thought we'd rock up and have a chilled out time with the team, getting some footage and photos for the blog, when all hell broke loose.

It was like the factory had started up again and Saturday (time and a half, overtime) staff were asked to come back into work.

Derby/Notts locals hit the floor - and with at least 30 in attendance, a classic sesh commenced. Cheers to everyone for a banging session, and James for bring the box.

Josh gets a boardslide on film

The sun was breaking through

Callum boardslides the dolly

To me, to you

Dave Ford kickflips the trampster.

Then Shane Lee rocked up with some Sal flip action

Josh booooms a tre

Hooked united - Miles + Josh

Miles gets stuck into James' box with a nosegrizzer

Beggy's crook shoves are radder with a tail grab

Gabs lurks lumberjack style

The line up.

The Bros brothers, one of um was in the movies, Blade and Hell Boy 2- ha ha .
Nah the truth... after Tilla's board wonder into a pool of toxic waste, both Tilla and Miles started to mutate!
They ended up as Monarch Butterflies and winged their way to the local shop to consume copious tins of Red Bull and packs of Murray Mints.

Fraser's gamer face- James and Josh chewin the fat. Josh says, sounds like spit...?

This ain't my best side, Shane and beyond Josh, Fraser, Ringo and Josh P.

Lurkfest - Chris Popp's rad hoodie, Beggy, Asa, Shane, Fraser + James

Name the game... "SKATE".

Flat land a must.

Tilla tests the build quality of the IKEA table

Then destroys it

Miles bs 5-0

Some crazy fool set up the death wall

Callum blurs a rock n roll on it... shiiiiiiizzzle

Callum-bouncy nose mannie.

Hippy over the Ikea bed side table.

Tilla, Smithy.

Shane ollie look down.

Numerous tramp ramps litter the work place.

Sick camera for da boys.

Josh Price, kickflip.

Josh N kickflips, Ringo looks on.

Aidan Stewart- 360s were the order of the day.

Indy for James.

Jacob B- 360 with his unmistakable style.

Goin old school, Callum air walkin the extra mile.

Ringo's lavish set up... colour coordination by Worthington

Thanks to ya all for a wicked time... see u on the floor again sometime. Cheers Hooked

Memory lane: Old or extinct Derby street spots

Take a trip down memory lane... chances are you might have had some epic sessions at some of these Derby spots - some of you might not even remember them. If you know them all - you're old.

Epic 'bank'.... cheers Burridge

"BITD when these didn't have bars on them"

"oooh, smooth grind"

Way out central

Clear the blind bumps

Epic sessions

Rad Dad fs nose

Back tail...

Epic rockery

We saw someone awesome kickflip this once


When the ground was smoother and no benches cluttered the run out

Rainy days (of olde)

First rail


Solid old Storm

So that concludes our Bogus Journey through time, most triumphant.