Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hiding from the snow

We went off to get some tricks down for the Hooked video this weekend. We'd been driving for 10 minutes, when some giant flakes started hiiting the windscreen, but we powered on - hoping to get to the other, sunny side of the cloud.

There were giant flakes at our first stop though

Raining fluff... fluff that wets the ground

If one of these flakes hit, you might end up in A&E... believe they were that big


We still found a bit of undercover area to hide under

Callum 360 flips in the grimy loading area

Josh noshed a sandwich

We rode a makeshift wallride

Callum onefoots to fakie

Steep kickturn

Hands in the bird toilet

Our wheels were like grimeballs after that session

Come on sun dry it up... puleeeeeeese

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