Monday, 18 January 2010

Factory Frolics

A lazy sunny Sunday found some of the crew in a large disused build, taking advantage of the roofageness... or umm, cover.

Where we found an interesting place to explore and skate, plenty of makeshift paraphernalia to knock up, various tramp ramps to hit with vigour.

An open invitation to skate.

Fraser throwin it down on the tramp ramp.

Dave kickflip.

Mr F, shuvin it out.



Dave surveying the grave.

One slip and your in deep shit.


Damn, missed the trick but made a sizable dent in the infrastructure.

Whatever you do, don't twist the red switch.

Wicked hard hat cap... Etnies we believe.

Factory sentinels... don't cross um or they'll have ya.

Not so dry in places.

The stairway to the boss mans office, no one's seen him for 7 years... he keeps his door locked.

One hell of a Christmas party.

Where's that friggin hole punch when ya need it!

I am a Mac and I hate PC's.

Umm... what's on Sky Box office?

Asbo torture chamber.

Time to punch out, see u round.

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