Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter Chill Out

Deep Freeze Street Art.

Ok so we can't skate street, but there are other things to see.

Like snow, ice, motorists sideways distraught glances as they spin their cars in 4th gear on the spot, and ummm dog piss.

Here some deep freeze street snippits to while away the dark dismal skate deprived nights in doors.

Lets hope we won't have to handle this for long- F**k off Snow were puttin the board on defrost!

All pissed up and no where to go.

Ok who had the bean...phew?

Ice burger.

Pissin ell those Pringles were strong.

Nightmare Graff... check under the bed before you sleep!

Now that we have the furnishings we need a place dry to put um... plonker.

Santa's grotty grotto.

Thats a bit expensive for a Flake innit?

Some of the wildlife think Mac-e-D's shite, can't blame um.


Beet root is at its best in the summer months.

Cigarette mosh pit- watch the butt divers!

Werthers make the most awesome reflective packaging out there.

Plastic flowers in full bloom.

And a plastic bag in full depression.

Cup a hot ketchup ta go!!

Ice cold Red Bull...yum.

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