Sunday, 27 April 2008

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Vernon Gap

On the last Sunday of the month we do 6 tricks at one of our local spots... See if you can outdo us!

Ramp Thrash Saturday: 26.04.08

Snoop 5050s the rail in between the box and the pad...

Josh mannies out of the grind

Steve rock fakies the mellow quarter
Steve puts a 5-0 on the grindbox

What an amazing day it turned out to be - the weather was great and everyone learned some new tricks. The grind rail between the grind box and manny pad was fun... not to mention the games of skate... who won again guys?

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Derby Spots Review

The Shit Block, so named for it's eclectic collection of human faeces which can be on occasion, found littering this well used spot!
The block it's self, edges chipped by trucks munching at it's exterior, is a good spot for a rainy day. Word of warning, watch out for the cars that pass through, they don't care whether you live or die.. crap, should have gone to Spec Savers..

Frontside tail, like ridin a bucking bronco! grass cutters... thanks!

To accompany the Block a friend Mr Red turned up, a heated discussion commenced to decide whether to Ollie or Hippy Mr Red.. ah hell just get on!!


Friday, 18 April 2008


Shots to shake a stick at or not, you decide?

Derby Spots Review

A revamp has taken place in the spot known as the" Petrol Station".
Crete and ply have been tailored to enhance the riding pleasure of the local skaters.

One persons rubbish is another persons skate park.. Recycling at its best!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Back To The Roots 2 "Full on but Chillin"

Chillin in Cornwall the weather was good but the surf was as flat as a crepe'. So had to busy our selves doing other things, like hitting some spots, dodging dog shit, and catching up with the local parks.

You think we got it bad, the dudes in Perranporth were using their skate mojo to the max, scrounging what they could.. RESPEC..

The first park at Crantock, was a "Desk Jockey" designed steel jobby, with a few benefits, the view and ermmm..

On to NQ for some "eye candy"! Next.

Back To The Roots 2 "Full on but Chillin"cont.

NQ's Wooden Waves, has a lot to offer if your a Ramp Rider or an Urban Art Connoisseur..ADMIRE..

Further up the coast found two crackin jems in Polzeath.
Went to look at a skate shop that turned out to be a church which happened to have a cafe with a "mini in it"..hallelujah..
The dudes from Rise/Tubestation, Henry and Kris have more great plans for the Christian Skaters, but ya don't have to be a Christian to enjoy the ramp, check it, worth your while. They serve up a wicked cup of coffee too!!

Finally standing above the beach reflected in the sunlight was another mini, with three dudes shredding it, "blunts" being thrown down like confetti from a wedding at the church across the road..NICE RICE..

Enough said..peace..