Sunday, 13 April 2008

Back To The Roots 2 "Full on but Chillin"cont.

NQ's Wooden Waves, has a lot to offer if your a Ramp Rider or an Urban Art Connoisseur..ADMIRE..

Further up the coast found two crackin jems in Polzeath.
Went to look at a skate shop that turned out to be a church which happened to have a cafe with a "mini in it"..hallelujah..
The dudes from Rise/Tubestation, Henry and Kris have more great plans for the Christian Skaters, but ya don't have to be a Christian to enjoy the ramp, check it, worth your while. They serve up a wicked cup of coffee too!!

Finally standing above the beach reflected in the sunlight was another mini, with three dudes shredding it, "blunts" being thrown down like confetti from a wedding at the church across the road..NICE RICE..

Enough said..peace..

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