Sunday, 23 December 2007

White Christmas (decks)

Hooked decks are finally here, and come in sizes of 7.5, 7.625 and 7.75! They are going for £25 pound with free grip.
Represent this winter yo

We're Jamming...

The night was cold but dry dry dry.  The ramp was crisp, as dry as I've seen it this winter looks like the the curtain and cardboard frost barrier did the trick. The usual ramp crowd plus some new faces came down and the comp commenced with some big tricks being pulled nice and early. 5 mins left of the jam and everyone started to raise the bar. Highlight tricks included Smedley's bigspin blunt fakie, Daz's beastly front lip, Daley's backside melons and Ball's eggplant. Crip.

Congrats to the three winners; Some nice lines were rewarded with a deck and tee to Smedley, Daz won best trick having a nice set up to play with over Crimbo and Harry impressed us all with his 'mobile arse plant' slam winning some goodies as a consolation prize. Thanks to everyone for coming, Blue Dog, Leon for shooting, Rollersnakes and Ledge skate shops for the prizes and Twentyfour (RIP) for looking after the ramp again this year.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Skatepark input form

It all starts here. We need as much input as we can get from the skateboarders of Derby and the rest of England to produce the best skatepark yet. It will be a huge, regionally significant 'superpark', and it will have an effect on skaters all over England. It's critical that in these initial stages of research we get the most accurate results possible, so it's down to all of us to chip in with our opinion.

Go here

Fill in the input form to get your opinion to count for the future of skateboarding in England.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Jingle bells...

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Jingle Jam at the Blue Dog Pub on Sadler Gate, Derby.
Prizes will be awarded, plus a free Christmas pint to 10 skaters in the jam... Ho ho ho get down on the 18th of December for a blast.