Thursday, 30 July 2009

Round 2... ding ding

Round 2 has been successfully reached in the bidding process for funding. What this means is that the 'Expression of Interest' that was submitted at Round 1 has been accepted and the project can now progress to apply for the bigger amount of money towards this project.

This is awesome news as the project is one step closer to being the epic park we all want, but we're up against 40 other projects so fingers crossed the funding peeps think our project is worth it!

Keep an eye on this blog or the Derby Skatepark Project blog for the next updates!

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Roll With Us

Roll out the Red Carpet
Roll with us: Episode 2 of 8

So it was a bit busier this time now that the word of the first session had got round, with a few new lurkers turning up and ripping the place to pieces. The weather was hot and the vibe was good - thanks to everyone who came and made it awesome.

The flatground elimination was a blast - Tom Ball won a tee and Bag of Suck DVD... then loads of games of skate kicked off with Ringo taking the crown!

Rad Dad and Phil fixing up the driveway.

Josh Price throws it down.

Getting psyched.

Chris Gair 5050 bs nollie out.

Ringo axle stall.

Grab your gear.

TB was casually chilling.

Fraser's high 5s are too hard.

Shorty on the quarter.

Mark Samsun pivot.

Sean kickflip manny.

Ringo fs smith the Hooked box.

Matt blast a kickerflip.

Tom Ball went wild.

Fraser with a massive bs shove.

Chris Gair pops out.

Dave films Josh Price's 5050 flip out.

Looking for a lurker to film.

The Ball bs boards the driveway rail.

Ryan nails some back 5-0s.

The Ball - clearance to lipslide.

Ringo heels out of the big kicker.

Kate was loving the weather.

Becca has a seizure.

Dave, Jimmy and Connor dropped some bombs.

Tom Ball won the flatground elimination, Ringo was second.

Then some massive games of skate happened, and Fraser mastered the megaphone.

Phil donuts in the van... with all the ramps in. Epic day. Now watch the footage!

This isn't necessarily the opinion of the management!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Roll With Us

☀Don't Forget Tomorrow Saturday 25th July 12 till 4pm.☀
Worcester Crescent just off Perth St. in Chad Derby

Get the board out and come down- Lock and Load

It'll put a smile on ya face!!

New Prodys..For your Delectation

Craig Smedleys first board for Unabomer is out now.

He's put alot of research and effort into getting the contours and construction just rite, made by an english giant just for you.


New Dv by Black label and Enjoi

Snakes was the venue for the Preview of a new release which will lands on the shelves soon.

Big hits, stairs, grinds, slides from the start of the DV which seemed tail off a bit towards the end.

Daz calming the rowdy crowd.

Craig admiring his new board... movie were?

Bambi, ready to fight off a shoe attack!

Hooked Crew, lookin on.

A few crumbs on the display cab, don't tell Karen

The response from of the audience during and when it finished made it a success- so go buy it... from Snakes of course.

Sincere thanks goes out to Daz and Rollersnakes for the dv, coke and muffin...but wait there's more, check entry below⇓⇓

Premieres/Review After Party

From Black label to Skate Sess.

With inspiration gleaned from the DV the car park at Snakes was the first to be hit.
Daz dragged a disheveled looking box out of storage. Due to years of neglect it had a topping of nasty snail like residue which Smedders managed to coax a few slug slides out of, but was far to dangerous for us mere mortals.

Craig's slug slide.

Posse stoked!

With the sun on his shoulder, 360 from Josh R.

Ooh goo.

As the gates slowly closed on Snakes for the evening people were all ready heading for Pink Bank.
The slimy box was left to dry and out came a smaller more portable block version.
Transport to Pinky was provided by Bambi's trusty van, and with a few tweeks of a screw driver was ready to ride.

Crack team

Block courtesy of Smedders Construction.

Krooks to Bank.

Block to Bank.

Blunt, Bank to Block.

Manny, Block to Bank.

Meet Nick Roberts member of Heathen Skateboards team.
Blunt from the road.

Hope Daz landed this in the end, road to block 5050 try.

Bambi tries his luck.

Foot plant maestro, Fraser.

Great sess for Mr Snappy...cheers Dudes.