Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Derby Skatepark Project

As you might have read in Sidewalk, based on consultation by Hooked and Derby City Council, we've bagged £200,000 towards a Derby City skatepark.

Now, we don't just want a £200,000 skatepark if we can help it, so we're just submitted a bid for a much larger amount of money to build a skatepark that will be not only regionally significant, but hopefully nationally.

We're looking for something different, something monumental, and something big.

We've launched a blog primarily to focus on the development of the project, keep you up to date and organise consultation sessions so you can get your ideas in. We have also created Facebook group you might want to join. We're all going to be able to stay in the loop as to what's happening where, and how to get your ideas heard.

Nothing's going to move forward without you guys knowing about it.

Keep you eyes and ears to the ground, but if somethings happening, it will be on here.

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