Friday, 10 July 2009

skating and loading

So it's the day before the event... we went for a quick razzle at the Ascot drive spot then loaded the ramps into the van ready for Roll With Us - the first of the Chaddesten skate sessions.

Loading the ramps takes a bit of time as they are big and heavy... at least we know they are good quality. It feels like ages since we've thrashed them and we've got so much new stuff to put down on them. 

Hooked Rippers Chris Gair and Miles Clark-Wallace will also be tearing shit up tomorrow.

The sun was nice for a bit wasn't it


They have some nice manny tools if you can be arsed to lug the crates around

Dave reps with the scribble tee

Some essential tools - phone, water, skatetool & lipbalm

So you need protection for the ramp hoist

The Hooked container - all our gear is loaded in the van

Snug, room for a few hangers on even

Becca did most of the work

Reverse the van into the container like a shit version of knightrider

So, all set for tomorrow, hopefully it won't rain as much as it said, and if it does it will dry up quick! See you there dudes.

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