Friday, 17 July 2009

Featured trick tip: 360 flip with Miles

Get these down now. The sooner you start, the sooner you get.

For tre flips you will need to be able to kickflip and probably varial flip. You'll need to be rolling because they don't work standing still, but go slow at first. You want your front foot in a kickflip position but a bit further back and your back foot like a shuv but with your toes hanging off a bit more for the scoop.
Tre flips are one of the hardest tricks to get spin when your learning them so this will take a lot of effort and some trial and error. Put loads of pressure on your back foot's toes and a bit less on your front foot.

Popping this trick isn't like most because its not the usual pop scrape up motion, it's all one motion. You need to scoop your back foot out behind you as hard as you can whilst clipping your front foot to make it flip, don't try and flip the kickflip as usual because you need to let it flip slower. And lean back, but not too much.

When the trick's spinning you need to catch it with your front foot as your back foot will probably still be still behind you or above the board after the scoop. Catching with the front foot stops it spinning more effectively than if you try and catch it with your back foot.

The motion will become natural with time and its just a matter of keep trying, if something's not working try the opposite. You need to just dare land on it, every time you try it go to land on the board and it will come.

Absorb the impact by bending your knees, you might land over the nose a lot when learning, this is because you aren't leaning back enough, so just keep trying and you'll eventually get it and love it.

Watch and learn, 4 different angles.

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