Saturday, 11 July 2009

Roll with Us

Episode 1 (of 8)

☂With the threat of rain laying heavy on our minds we unloaded the extra load wheel base of ramps and made a silent prayer to the sun gods to hold off the precipitation.
☀And by christ it worked, a classic day had by all, with the
Iron Fist crew turnin up (cheers dudes) and loads of rebels out to have fun!
Photos and an edit of shizzle below.

See for yourself↓
Setting the shiz up

Two board meet for the first time... they needed no introduction.
Last seen going into the sunset together.

One foot nosey... tailored to fit

Mopping ones brow was the order of the day, Becca and Kate getting stuck in.

Fraser sporting a green pair.

If you're an angel isn't the hoop suppose to be above the head?

Foot plant...oops nearly landed.

Phil rockin the Hooked tee.

Is Green in season or what?

Board ollies out of the kicker... 5 decks stacked ollies from flat was the record

Ryan won the quarter elimination jam


Pads and helmets are only compulsory for under 14s... good news

Ryan gets to grips with shove it lipslides

Manny mania

Two for one... to close for comfort

☝He judged the Skate Comp earlier.
Very strict on proper tré landings!

So a good day all round, thanks to everyone who came, see you on 25.07.09

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