Sunday, 19 July 2009

New Concrete: Nottingham Bulwell

Good news that we have another nice park not too far away... just a zip down the A52 if you've got a vehicle - I can imagine it's trick to get to by public transport though.

Have a look

Hubbas, hips and blocks

Spine and some lovely varied quarters

A couple of steeper hubbas and a rail for the heroes

Bowl section

The more mellow hubbas from straight on

The middle section with the spine

Flat banks, and hip corner - the block at the top feels miles away

The mini end of the pool is fun

The council had been scrubbing off the profanities that morning

Luckily Pone and some of the Leicester crew showed up

Pone slashes the smaller bowl

Leicester crew bs 5050 along and down

Pone clears the flat

It feels like the park is a big hit with the local BMX population in the area (which there seems to be an abundance of), we'll be back to check it out when the rain has washed the dust off and there are a few more skaters thrashing it!

Good work Nottingham

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