Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shoot to kill

New camera hits the equipment list. All the shots on the Stoke trip were shot with it... but it also captures other lurkers. Canon 550D welcome to the team.

Cat likes cheese





The shots on this blog are about to get even better... look out for the next 6 Tricks on the Sabbath filmed in HD. Who wants to do one?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hooked & friends Stoke trip

Well... our good friend and family member Josh is moving to London, so we thought we'd send him off with a bang. We scraped up 2 cars worth of Hooked and friends, packed a bbq and road tripped to stoke.

Meet at the juice station

Chevy: Backseat driver

Ryan: Psyched

Shoes: Packed

So we rocked up at Stoke and the Gnar crew were skating the 4 as a warm up, everyone flipped em

Ryan airwalked them

Lurker Josh N powers up for a switch flip

Phil powers up on 3 Monsters

Ryan Kearney came, rehearsed a line

Footage review

Phil gets ready to film

Josh tre flip four

Then the throwaway coals came out

King of the burgers

Callum spotted rain

So we hid under our shelter and ate burgers

'Stick that wasp on'
'Eat it'

Rain drops

Haggard board got used for something at least... Callum strokes the cat


Gnar wet

Hiding and cooking

'Scatter this all over the park to dry it up'

Josh is not sure... but moving to London so it's ok

Cheer up duck it's drying

Buy a board from the lurker skateshop

So eventually we pushed the water away

And found a few dry spots

Ryan was happier

Dill came

And so did his mate

Blue skies, crip

George's yellow socks

A discussion of style

Desperate to film this line

Sun dried skatepark

Team love

Callum had a lay on the climbing frame

And did a gnar backflip off it

George back heel

Same to you mate

Josh Read flip

And chill


George blunts in the background, in the mean time the rail does nothing

Chevy got some hardflip practice after stomping a varial heel for the video


Josh Read ollie UP

Then a rainbow and some shoes

The lurkers left at 7pm

Crammed in for the way back

Only 18 miles for a nap...

Good day, epic footage captured for the video... and we sent Josh off with a bang.
Thanks to everyone who came, filmed, got filmed, chased wasps, cooked burgers, ate burgers and took slams.

Keep your eyes peeled you lot.