Friday, 20 August 2010

Get Your Bearings: Will Golding

Alright Will, you're popping up everywhere at the minute. Tell us who your repping at the mo and what you've been up to?

Hello everyone!
My life is amazing at the moment! I'm hardly at home anymore. I work in a Doctors surgery in Nottingham Monday - Friday then as soon as I finish work on a Friday afternoon there's no telling where I'll be in the next 24hrs. Skateboarding is amazing and skateboarders are the nicest people in the world!

My current sponsors are:

How was boardmasters?

Boardmasters was insane! I'm still not completely sober! Good skateboarding with good people is a recipe for good times and thanks to the weather we all walked away with a tan.

What other stuff do you do when you don't skate?

When I'm not skating you will probably find me chilling with my girlfriend or trying to organise the next skate. Drinking / going out is also a favoured passtime!

Who do you look up to in the skate world?

This is a hard one. There are so many skateboarders that I look up to because of what they have done or achieved but I tend look up to my friends the most. I have so many that I have met through skateboarding and they are all good people. If I had to say one skateboarder that I look up to the most it would be Tom Penny. Let's face it. The man is a genius...

What's your favourite kind of stuff to skate?

Mostly I like to skate street stuff. Blocks, rails, gaps, stairs. But I'm a sucker for a nice miniramp.

What's your favourite skatepark, and favourite street spot?

I have loads of favourite skateparks and there dotted around the country so I can't really say one. My favourite street spot would be anywhere in Spain. I recently got back from a trip to Malaga with Bomber and I'd never seen anything like it. Perfect skatespots in the middle of nowhere untouched.

If you could do only one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'd say the Ollie. It's the first trick you learn and it can be the most fun. Whether your bombing hills or gapping over stuff it never gets old.

Who on the Bomber team always shuts you down at skate?

Scott Whittaker! The most underrated skateboarder in the UK! Best style, Crazy bag of tricks that will give you a headache and he holds down a full time job too. Working class hero!

Ha, like all of us ay Hooked! Anyway - What trick do you have in your bag that always gets people a letter in skate?

Fullcab doubleflip? Haha its a stinking trick which only Cory Kennedy can make look good.

On all the Bomber ads we see the line 'video in progress', is the filming schedule hard graft or leisurely cruise?

I'd say its a leisurely cruise at the moment. Im slowly chipping away at my section, trying to get some good stuff but I dont live anywhere near a filmer so I need to keep traveling every weekend to meet up with them and try get some stuff.

Got any tales of wild times or berserk antics on your filming trips?

Basically any trip with John Bell is going to be good. He's the soundest guy and an amazing skateboarder but off the skateboard he's an absoloute nutter! Watch out haha.

What's the best thing about getting coverage and being renowned for shredding well?

The best thing about getting coverage for me is getting my name out there. I know I'm not the best but it's really pleasing to have landed a trick you've been trying for ages and then to see it on an edit with your name on. Such a good feeling. I would'nt say I'm renowned for shredding haha I'd say I'm more renowned for flopping competitions. I can't deal with pressure. I'd rather see my friends do well.

And what's the worst thing?

I wouldn't say I get enough coverage for people to know who I am at comps or events so I suppose the worst part for me is not knowing who to say hello to at events because they may not know me. For instance, I spent a whole day at skegness skating with Paul Regan, obviously knowing it was him but not know whether to say hello or not incase he didn't know me. It's like that in skateboarding sometimes..

What's your current favourite shoe?

I have 3 shoes im pretty stoked on at the moment:

Are you a mac or a pc?

PC. Only because I can't afford a mac!

What tricks are you learning at the moment?

Whatever I'm feeling on the day really. I'm not the kind of person to go out specifically to learn a new trick. I just like to skate and have fun.

What advice have you got for someone who wants to get noticed for their skating and take it to the next level?

Basically, Have fun and try and go to as many events and stuff as possible. To get your name out there. Thats the best bet. Make a few videos and send them off. You've got nothing to lose...

And what have you got coming up? Trips, demos, ads, or anything exciting?

I'm constantly on a trip haha I'm trying to get as many photos and stuff as I can for ads. The photographer closest to me has recently had a baby so any time I can get with him is valuable. I'm not sure about planned trips, hopefully go away somwhere soon. It gets you so stoked to skate when the whole team is together.

Finally, Any thanks..?

Hooked for allowing me to do this interview. Friends. Sponsors. Beer. Skateboarding. Sunshine. England. Daz.

Cheers Will it's been a pleasure. No doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of you and we can't wait for the video.

Check out some tinternet goodness of Will shralping around the midlands...

Cheers to Elliot Tebbs for his footage

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