Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ripples in Steel

Hooked at Ripley Metal Park

On Saturday a decision had to be made, stay in and watch Eastenders or go photo some skating-and have to play catch up for weeks on the Enders?
The skate option was the winner- thanks god, and off we went.

Things were in full tilt, prizes had been handed, McY D vouchers distributed and most of the youth had warmed up and startin to blow out some sweet shit(bit of a contradiction on the terms there sorry) it was goin off.

Weather was good but the tricks were better, check um below...

Allo, allo allo allo?

Not a waffle on Ehnies is it?

Phil joinin the deaf que.

Phil, Becca, Will sittin on the fence... for now.

Hooked button on a break!

Lewis flips the d/way.

Local... works as a grounds person- cuttin grass.

Jack's hair raising experiance.

Mark... rock to energy drink.

Mark ollie fakes.

Ryan slides.

Will Begg backside nose.

Ryan Kearney crux with style.

5050 from Cal

Kearney 180's under the darkest of clouds.

Dan D, k flips.

Your nicked me son!

Callum settin up on the distant driveway.

Josh carrying the devil sperm.

You can hide but you can't escape.

Rad managed to hit the coast for a chill on the way back☋

Got back home to find:
Disembodied head of Ian Beale floating in the bath...What??

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