Monday, 9 August 2010

Mansfield session 2 of 5

So we were at Mansfield on Sunday giving some skate nippers a session on how to ride their park. Big turn out, took over the park for the early morning shift! Afterwards the we utilised the time to get some footage bagged for the Hooked video.

Filming some tech up the euro, we psyched the squad up with motivational therapy

Josh Nicholson in an epic moment of clarity

Phil boosting a flip

Mr Nicholson landed some stuff we didn't even know he could do

And some more

We did some new tricks

And tried to get better

Then hopped over to Bulfarm park, 10 mins drive from Mansfield Plaza

It's got a Milton Keynes (without the granite) style set of blocks

Smooth too

But an awful set of ramps

I saw this ramp in Mad Max

But this is fun

And so is the curved block Josh models

We did some stuff

And took some slams doing them... much to the delight of the heckling lurker kids...

But seriously, check it out - it's nice and quiet and good for tech grinds.

Get there here...

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