Monday, 2 August 2010

Mansfield sessions 1 of 5

We're doing some sessions in Mansfield to help the dudes who aren't so confident to ride their park and get used to it all. We were up there this Saturday, using the time to not only help our little pals get to grips with their local concrete, but also blaze the park and get some fresh footage for the video.

Some of the lurkers at hand, Josh , Phil, Kate and George Worthington in the back

Under the command of Becca

George kicks of with some blunt steez

And we taught some kids to drop in

Phil was shredding and giving the youngsters some tips

Phil grinds one

Josh N chilled on the quarter

Then switch flipped the euro

Set up for some crooks... not captured on camera

Then it went a bit wrong while Phil was getting a trick for the video

Josh popped his soy boots on

And hovered some over the boob

Then the GNAR CREW rolled up, Mr Tom tailblocks

Josh tails it

Chris Popp got some tricks

Mr Tom enjoying the cruising life

Josh hits the euro again

Just then the usual suspects Jacob Bettinson and Josh Price rocked up

Pricey puts a boomer tre over the gap... then a nollie one

Jacob also did, as well as switch tres, fs and bs flips and all kinds of gnar stuff.
Can't wait to look at the footage from that day...

Stay frosty

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