Sunday, 15 August 2010

ChezVegas challenge

So here it is, the 2nd Annual CTown massacre, supported by Slugger and The House, and the good friends and family of both. Sunny day, tunes, BBQ, MC Kenelly's banter and loads of prizes made the day a banger... not to mention the fellowship of the lurkers.

Slugger DJ Kenelly should MC at weddings

People were shredding instantly

Fraser's game face - nerves of steel before his comp line was dropping

Big fakie flip over the boob

Don't loooook att meeeee

Ash Hall front blunt, it was going off

Will Golding, bs noseblunt... epic, along with his flip back lip on it

Ron Calow was wild

Massive front lips

The order of the day

Front lip angle 2

Judges Joe 90, Ron Calow and Louie Slater do the maths

We got our game on

Then Miles rocked up

Craig Smedley was on form as always, kickflip boardslide

Shaun Currie noseslide bigspin

Then the highest ollie challenge, out of the flatbank

5 boards... easy - Ron Calow back 180s

Ash Hall flips them

So does Cheung

And Craig too

The lurkers thinned out as the boards got higher

Smedders steps up

Ron Calow fs 180 over 7

Ash floats 8

Ronny crashes 10

Ash blazes over

Ron crushes the kid

Set em up son
Ash nails the 11 and takes the prize

Product toss... stickers float away

Gimme dat

Even Josh Checkley had a roll around with his haggard ankle

Busy day, we did a few competition runs, ate some burgers and sausages and mingles with the gnarly crew. Cheers, can't wait for the next one. Don't forget to show Slugger and The House some respect for looking after us all.

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