Saturday, 30 August 2008

Park Review

Working The Ramps in Wirksworth

In a charming Derbyshire village, with birds tweeting, a calming sensation wafting from the cemetery next door and a serpentine like path slithering it's way to the skate park entrance , this rural setting for a session seems to wirk.
Grey weathered ply prevails, and after two years of the Dales climate to deal with, thanks to Free Style, there standing the test of time remarkably well.

The locals are friendly, with Paul Webster and Dave givin it some on the box. Also check out Local Jake's photography portfolio here.

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Plus - some real shizzle by Josh 'Manhead' Young and Danny Beall

Well worth a wonder to Wirksworth for a weekend...ahh what??

Kill 34 minutes... Toy Machine 'Good & Evil'

This is one of my favourite skate videos ever. A perfect mix of witty tech niblets and hammers starring Ed T, Austin Stephens, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony and Jonny Layton...

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Also, good news on the Toy front - Nick Trapasso has gone pro.


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

From Sk8 to Graphic Design with Shepard Fairy

Those of you that are into Graffiti Art, or even those who aren't may have heard of Shepard Fairey, or at least seen his work.
He was born in 1970 in South Carolina, and at 14 yrs old started skateboarding and got heavily into the scene. His aim was to become a professional Skateboarder, but after a number of years the realisation that it wasn't going to happen dawned on him. He says"within skateboarding and punk-rock there was a lot of hand made art like stencils, stickers, drawings on t-shirts. It was a creative culture" so he decided to go to art school.

His emergence from a skateboarding culture has helped him mold a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator, he now lives in Los Angeles and owns his own design agency Studio Number One.

A hybrid version of his original" Andre the Giant" that bought Shepard to the general public's notice.

Aim high and succeed!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

On The Streets With The Chimp

This months Document Skate Mag (Sept 08) does a feature on the Graff artist Dave the Chimp. Check out some of his stuff!!

For more eye candy, go to his site.

Capital Chaps!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Old archive footage of Dave & Victor

Old stuff of Victor Dyjas from 2005, still good to watch. Look out for him around he's doing some big shizzle on the streets these days.

Dave's 2005 edit. Most of this looks like babies stuff now... look out for new stuff coming soon here.
Also there's newer stuff in the top right hand video navigation of this blog... check em out!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Spots Review

Nottingham Banks
behind the Broad Marsh Centre

This skate spot, reputed to have been built in the 1980's is made up of cobbles and is now smaller than it's former size. Its banks have seen better days, but are still ridable. This spot has real character and for those of you who haven't been there yet, you should try soon. Surrounded by redevelopment work, it looks to have a limited life span.

Get on your Converts, dig out your Stacy Peralta board, cause it's time for a cruise!

One nose grind to many!!

Lets Talk Shop

Stop Stop Stop... and call at Non Stop, Nottingham

On St James Street there is an Aladdin's cave of skate stuff just waiting to be perused through.
They should have called it One Stop, because all you'll ever need, is in this shop. From the outside it looks deceptively small, but once you get inside the senses start to tingle like Spidey, with multi-coloured decks, shoes, trucks, wheels and bearings to name just a few. Turn up look around, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Anthony, the owner... and me in the mirror, happy + snappy!

Didn't know McDonnalds did Decks!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Park Review

Millhouses, Sheffield

"Wow there's a skate park". 
"Look, there through the trees"

If your travelling on the train from Sheffield to Derby, as you pass through Millhouses station look to the right of the train, did you spot it, yep thats the Park! Situated on 32acres of recreational land, I would have hoped the skate park would have been bigger, but hey at least there is one. 

If your into Blocks this is the place for you,  grind, slide or even sit make a choice you can't avoid them. A flat bank and rail make up the rest of the area, and it wasn't too busy, perfect for a chilled session!


Spray..."Between the Lines"

Graffs in the Hood
Devonshire Greens latest!