Saturday, 9 August 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

Influences of Bill Drummond - the prolific "avant - garde" artist can be found around the city.
If you walk under the Duke Street Bridge towards the back of the Silk Mill, look across to the other side. You'll notice one of his statements.

Imagine waking up tomorrow

and all music has disappeared.

All musical instruments and all forms of recorded music, gone.

A world without music.

What is more, you cannot even remember

what music sounded like or how it was made.

You can only remember that it had existed and that it

had been important to you and your civilisation.

And you long to hear it once more.

Then imagine people coming together to make music

with nothing but their voices, and with no knowledge of

what music should sound like.

Bill brings the "17", [a musical intro] to the new Quad Centre's opening, to Derby soon!

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