Thursday, 28 August 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

From Sk8 to Graphic Design with Shepard Fairy

Those of you that are into Graffiti Art, or even those who aren't may have heard of Shepard Fairey, or at least seen his work.
He was born in 1970 in South Carolina, and at 14 yrs old started skateboarding and got heavily into the scene. His aim was to become a professional Skateboarder, but after a number of years the realisation that it wasn't going to happen dawned on him. He says"within skateboarding and punk-rock there was a lot of hand made art like stencils, stickers, drawings on t-shirts. It was a creative culture" so he decided to go to art school.

His emergence from a skateboarding culture has helped him mold a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator, he now lives in Los Angeles and owns his own design agency Studio Number One.

A hybrid version of his original" Andre the Giant" that bought Shepard to the general public's notice.

Aim high and succeed!

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