Monday, 29 June 2009

Battle at the Berrics 2: It's begun

Roll up roll up, we got the fight between Busenitz and Thomas, as well as Cole and Vallely over with. Not sure about you but Chris Cole did well with those ancient relic tricks of Mike Vs. Check em here... Thank fook Heath Kirchart is in it this year.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Slap or Stroke you decide...

Got yeh.

Below is one of Notts photo student Anna's take on Sk8tin.

"From Street to Sport" is a celebration of the extraordinary achievements of an elite group of superlative athletes from across the world. Out of sight of the mainstream eye, skateboarders have created a wide range of extremely challenging skills and techniques, and set themselves the criteria for excellence in a highly competitive sport.

This exhibition commends seemingly ordinary people, of whom nothing exceptional is expected, as it elevates skateboarding to statues of an accepted sport instead of an act of vandalism.

Through these images the audience are offered the challenge of viewing skateboarding in a new light. The aesthetics of these photographs reveal the athleticism and skill involved and propose that skateboarding should be admired and admired like any other sport.

Anna Skuse

Rockin the name at Stoke.

Don't drown in bong hits!

Back to the Berg: Round up

Epic comp by the looks of it. It would have been good to see a UK rep there but nevermind, I heard Neil Smith almost nollie heeled it. For now, here's the edit.

This shit went off! Marissa Dal Santo gave it 11 tries and was as close as you can get without rolling away. This is what went down in order: Chris Cole - bs 360 (second try); Lizard King (Mike Plum) - bs 180 one foot; Nick Merlino - switch heel; Lindsey Robertson - bs heel; Lizard King - airwalk, ollie onto last stair; Jordan Hoffart - varial heel (hand drag, caught last step); Cody McEntire - big spin, Chris Cole - sw fs flip; Andrew Pott - hardflip.

Cheers to Thrasher for the video and text, full coverage here:

Monday, 22 June 2009

Pink or bust

Session at stores road the other day, Dave backside 180s over the gap.





Got it taped, keep your peepers peeled...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Banging Burton Jam

Go Skateboarding Day has finally arrived, and the Burton Jam went down a stonker. Tonnes of people showed up, loads of Sidewalk Forumers and Derby / Burton / Nottingham locals, plus lurkers from surrounding areas. Have a look at the action.

Lurkers begin to gather

To start, MC Dickfingers showed us his haggard foot injury

Billy Dickfingers and Toby pull up a foldaway

DJ Matt Redfern from UKSA dropped some heavy lyrics


Craig Smedley won 651 prizes

Tom Ball did some good stuff

Smeds blunt fakie

Daz on the taco

Aiden busted some sweet shit

Great motivators, until N Dubz rolled up anyway

Waiting for a pop at the hip comp

Mini awesomeness

Sidewalk forumer Burrell nails the taco

Heathen's mini division + Lewis Threadgold were shredding

Bambi dropped some fine maneuvers

Death's Ron Calow blunts the tight quarter

Smedders got a tight arse frontside flip on it

Epicly indy grabbed

Sheffield Max bs tailstall

Ozzy Ben was on form as well

Local lurker bs smith... lovely

What a day - Smedders pretty much finished it by backside flipping the massive gap from the flat bank to the path way (behind the taco area). Look out for the footage, we'll see if we can find it online when it comes!

Massive thanks to the crew who organised it - can't mention everyone one but Matt Redfern, Daz, Harry - the rest you know who you are, nice job.

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Markeaton mini hubbas

One Sunday of the month we do 6 tricks at one of our local spots... Tricks include fs and bs 5-0, fs tail, fakie 5050, crook and kickflip 5050. See if you can outdo us! Skating by Dave Ford

Friday, 19 June 2009

Badge Spot

Found a Hooked badge on a bike jacket yesterday.

This thing has done a journey to Brittany, Scotland and various Peak trips to the tune of 7000 miles.
With standing hail, pelting rain and bug attacks to emerge with a bit more character than it already had.

All Hail the Hooked Badge... we'll call it Rusty!

Go Skate Day... Drop the Shit and GOOOO!

Put it in your diary now dudes, Skate Day on Sunday.
(also Fathers Day and the Summer Solstice)

Do your Dad a favour on Sunday and get out of the house and Skate.
Leave him to the 360 X on the longest daylight time of the calender year.

Sweet Jesus, let us out, and pray it don't rain...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Battle at the Berrics 2

It's heating up in preparation for the new game of skate... A new round of pros are in it to win it. Predict the right bracket winners all the way through and win the actual winners deck!

Particpants include P-Rod, Haslam, Kirchart, Thomas, Cole, Duffel, Howard, Busenitz etc - epic line up.

Check it out at The Berrics dot com

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Let's talk shop: Slugger in Chesterfield

Wow, Chesterfield now have a skateshop again. Our friends Martin Kennelly and Louis Slater - the dudes behind Slugger Distribution have set up shop on the first floor of the Market Hall.

Just what C-Town needs now there's an epic skatepark to nurture the local talent.

Check it out when you're at Chesterfield, just ask the locals where it is.

Signage stands out

Open for business

Co-owner Martin Kennelli, the man behind the Ravenous video

Down the shop

Exclusive distribution of Deathwish

The pensioners don't so why should you

Nice telly with inspirational motion pictures

Crip shoes on sale

Epic disco gold matt to adds to the style

So next time your sessioning CTown, pay the boys a visit.

While your here check out local lurker Timmy Garbet's part on Ravenous