Sunday, 21 June 2009

Banging Burton Jam

Go Skateboarding Day has finally arrived, and the Burton Jam went down a stonker. Tonnes of people showed up, loads of Sidewalk Forumers and Derby / Burton / Nottingham locals, plus lurkers from surrounding areas. Have a look at the action.

Lurkers begin to gather

To start, MC Dickfingers showed us his haggard foot injury

Billy Dickfingers and Toby pull up a foldaway

DJ Matt Redfern from UKSA dropped some heavy lyrics


Craig Smedley won 651 prizes

Tom Ball did some good stuff

Smeds blunt fakie

Daz on the taco

Aiden busted some sweet shit

Great motivators, until N Dubz rolled up anyway

Waiting for a pop at the hip comp

Mini awesomeness

Sidewalk forumer Burrell nails the taco

Heathen's mini division + Lewis Threadgold were shredding

Bambi dropped some fine maneuvers

Death's Ron Calow blunts the tight quarter

Smedders got a tight arse frontside flip on it

Epicly indy grabbed

Sheffield Max bs tailstall

Ozzy Ben was on form as well

Local lurker bs smith... lovely

What a day - Smedders pretty much finished it by backside flipping the massive gap from the flat bank to the path way (behind the taco area). Look out for the footage, we'll see if we can find it online when it comes!

Massive thanks to the crew who organised it - can't mention everyone one but Matt Redfern, Daz, Harry - the rest you know who you are, nice job.