Saturday, 27 June 2009


Slap or Stroke you decide...

Got yeh.

Below is one of Notts photo student Anna's take on Sk8tin.

"From Street to Sport" is a celebration of the extraordinary achievements of an elite group of superlative athletes from across the world. Out of sight of the mainstream eye, skateboarders have created a wide range of extremely challenging skills and techniques, and set themselves the criteria for excellence in a highly competitive sport.

This exhibition commends seemingly ordinary people, of whom nothing exceptional is expected, as it elevates skateboarding to statues of an accepted sport instead of an act of vandalism.

Through these images the audience are offered the challenge of viewing skateboarding in a new light. The aesthetics of these photographs reveal the athleticism and skill involved and propose that skateboarding should be admired and admired like any other sport.

Anna Skuse

Rockin the name at Stoke.

Don't drown in bong hits!

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