Monday, 1 June 2009

Chesterfield new build lurking Day 2

So, day 2 of the Chesterfield lurkings, and Hooked gents Chris Gair and Miles Clark-Wallace joined Dave, Josh and Wayne for a razzle. 

Rad Dad rolls one

Jonesey + Miles went wild the night before...

Scooters skills were no problem

Gair pops a shove over the volcano

Josh flips

Miles frontside flips

Gair trés

M C-W and Currie seem to have the same idea on this block, but MC's doing it switch. Bs Nosey.

Josh sticks a kickflip on the gap.

Gair ended with a game of SKATE with the locals...

Check the footage for the video evidence of all of the above + plenty more

Ever wondered what's in the back of a Pro's car?
Check the grip, extra shoes and the blaster. Rail, genny and lights an optional extra.

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