Saturday, 27 June 2009

Back to the Berg: Round up

Epic comp by the looks of it. It would have been good to see a UK rep there but nevermind, I heard Neil Smith almost nollie heeled it. For now, here's the edit.

This shit went off! Marissa Dal Santo gave it 11 tries and was as close as you can get without rolling away. This is what went down in order: Chris Cole - bs 360 (second try); Lizard King (Mike Plum) - bs 180 one foot; Nick Merlino - switch heel; Lindsey Robertson - bs heel; Lizard King - airwalk, ollie onto last stair; Jordan Hoffart - varial heel (hand drag, caught last step); Cody McEntire - big spin, Chris Cole - sw fs flip; Andrew Pott - hardflip.

Cheers to Thrasher for the video and text, full coverage here:

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