Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Let's talk shop: Slugger in Chesterfield

Wow, Chesterfield now have a skateshop again. Our friends Martin Kennelly and Louis Slater - the dudes behind Slugger Distribution have set up shop on the first floor of the Market Hall.

Just what C-Town needs now there's an epic skatepark to nurture the local talent.

Check it out when you're at Chesterfield, just ask the locals where it is.

Signage stands out

Open for business

Co-owner Martin Kennelli, the man behind the Ravenous video

Down the shop

Exclusive distribution of Deathwish

The pensioners don't so why should you

Nice telly with inspirational motion pictures

Crip shoes on sale

Epic disco gold matt to adds to the style

So next time your sessioning CTown, pay the boys a visit.

While your here check out local lurker Timmy Garbet's part on Ravenous

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