Sunday, 30 May 2010

Blue movie

Here it is, we have it at last! After our interview with Mark Baines earlier this month, we've been trying to get our hands on a copy of Blueprint's Make Friends With The Colour Blue.

We'll not review it as Crossfire have done as awesome job of it here, so we're going just enjoy it. Don't forget to pick yourself up a copy here at our friends Rollersnakes...

Good work Blueprint.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blog Bustin

When ya get chance check out" The Rad Dad Collective"

An eclectic jumble of all things bright and beautifull- well sometimes maybe.

New on the Post- Self Port.
Click to go to sweaty armpits.

Have ya noticed Piss3 and Wii both have somethin to do with evacuating ones bowels... why?
Thank god for xbox!

Tin 2

The previous post showed a book called Skateboard Annual.
Since the post went up we managed to trace an original- ha, you might say we had it in stock but not for sale...

This book was printed in 1978 and costed £1.50 no less.

With classic images and surf based write ups its a real frigin treasure to behold... take a glimps!

Its no gutter tabloid this!

Index page, check out price-right corner.

Shred duudes... Get back to the valley man.

Should be designin boards.

Clear Rad Ramp, how sweet is that!

Snake runs were the cream in the 70's.

With my hair tied back, goggles on, and me poncho over me shoulders, Im off for a skate... c ya.

If you come across anymore cools like this please pass on some pics- we'll try an post um.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tinternets lurkings

The best skateboarding photos from around the internets.

Treasure-trove of tinternet goodness... and that's why we love skateboarding.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Spot shutdown

Recognise this place?

Used to have a couple of fun blue rails?

Not anymore

Chopped down to the ground... now we know how the rainforests feel

Another spot down, so probably not. Bring on the Derby skatepark project.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Ryan S in...

The Tooth Fairy

We bet you thought we were gonna say a new skateboard movie release by Osirus slacks or Van piercings or summit... nah- you is wrong!
Ryan Sheckler stars along side the Rock as a hockey playin wise ass, in this new movie Tooth Fairy. Not goin to say to much bout it cause haven't seen it, and we may not.


Is this the reason he's not been doin that good in comps recently... obviously got his fingers in multi pies!

"Watch yeh don't lose ya thumbs mate".