Sunday, 2 May 2010

Parks Across The Pond... Canada

A Hooked friend and old buddy sent some pics of his son and a wicked park that has sprung up near his home in Hamilton Ontario.
Its real nice with all sorts of angles on offer. A cool design for ramp, street, and the cruisin brethren.

And if you feel like getting cuffed , or want to catch a cop doin flips, hit it at lunch time, the police stations just next door- its reported that they come and throw down some games of Skate to keep the locals on their toes.

Shapes to suit.

Boob bowl...

Round and flat, mix it up.

Drop into a kicker, slick idea!

No grass means plenty of action.

Zee- switch rider.

Ledges, kickers, stickers... what a place.

Bowl heaven.

And relax. Time to watch someone else slam.

Check some of the hood throwin it down.

Thanks to Mr H and Zee for the pics and bringing this Park to our attention... We may have to come and stay real soon!

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