Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Alright mate

Brand new edit from Dave of recent activities and antics. Have a look, show some love.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Boardroom Comp Day

Wicked day all round with some top talent from Leicester and lots of other places. Nice one to everyone who showed up, and massive thanks to the Boardroom for giving everyone a reason to mingle. Bro power!

The Boardroom is a nice colourful place

Nice bowl, people were going off in this 

The rabble queue up for something big

SPT getting shot with a crip fs lip 5-0 fs bigspin out... tech yo

Bambi 5-0

Consisten kflips over the driveway from Smed-bomb

Bambi clears the driveway

Craig Smedley bs nosegrind


Joxa headbutts the wall... but made the transfer

Back lip

Crooks flat to downhill

Tré the driveway... boom

Bambi lips the flat box

More crooks

Frontside air

Blunt fakie

See for yourself:

We handed out stickers and badges, and sponsored the comp with a couple of prizes

RadDad meets Dan Cates, the legend behind Death

Max from Sheffield (House local) wins first place in the Under 16, bagging Hooked gear

The lush Monster girls, Kim and Elana, got Hooked up!

Message in the Bog, bit harsh we thought. Ha

You know the drill... get out and learn some stuff

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Craig Smedley... Randoms

Rippin it up with the crew in Uttoxeter


360, over the new driveway

Memories of the Blue Dog Pub

Backside 180

Back in 94, Nonestop skate shop in Notts did a bit of filmin, guess who it featured?

Hooked in Uttoxeter

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
Abraham Lincoln

"Get Your Bearings"

An interview with Craig Smedley an icon in skateboarding, and ironically up until recently sponsored by Icon skateboards, but things have changed...

Hooked: Hey Craig how goes it Dude, Im just gonna throw a few at ya...

Hooked: How long have you been skating, and what or who got you into it?

I have been skatin 19 years and I started skatin because it was either that or nick cars and cause trouble, and I aint been into that for a long long time.

Hooked: What was the design of your first signature deck like?

My first pro board was a shape Icon had already, and Mike(at Rollersnakes) came up with the graphics which was a Lion's head, I dont know why but it was, ha ha.

Hooked: You've been doing very well at comps just recently, can you tell us the comps you've been doing and what positions you got in them?

Suppose I aint been doin so bad in comps lately, think I came 2nd in the Skeg Stop, Wild in the Parks and came first in Lord of the Lines which is debatable ha ha, Lucian had it really!

Hooked: After ...20ish years of skating, what keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from not being excepted as a skateboarder because of my background, and sorry but I'm here to prove otherwise ha ha

Hooked: When you heard Icon was finishing and you became a pro on Unabomber did it upset you or was it inevitable?

Well a few people dont see why I should be on bomber but bomber was there in the begining as a anti corporate company set up for those underdogs out there that didnt get everything on a plate ha ha, and yeah I have worked f*ckin hard to get where I am, even tho it aint anywhere really.

Hooked: What pisses you right off?

Mmmmmm what pisses me off I dont know really I suppose being old when skating is at its most productive and not bein 16-17 anymore ha ha (any kid that has got into this game in the last 5 years should consider them self lucky because skatin has blown up over the past few years ) its so good to still be part of it all!

Hooked: What pleases you(don't be rude), and is there anyone you'd like to big up?

Easy mate, it pleases me when I see a trick done by someone that aint ever done it before, I still know how that feels, even now I still get it and there aint no other feelin like it!
Big up Will Golding, boy he's gonna kill the world ha ha, oh and everyone else cuz you all make a difference.


Hooked: Wicked Craig thanks for your that, see ya at a Hooked sesh sometime soon...Easy

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Be on the Hooked Team... Dead Line Coming Up!

End of November is the time when the crew pick the Hooked Team, could it be you?
Email in your footage links by the 30th of November 2008 to 

So bearing this in mind,

-get on your bike to get your filmin finished.

You could get your foot in the door with Hooked.

Oh crap, did that sound alright?

Yeah fine... honest!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Skaters in suits: Awards night at the Derbyshire Sport Awards

So we got nominated for an award: We got noticed for pushing for a regionally significant park for Derby, teaching skateboarding and trying to get people up and skating more. We were stoked that skateboarding even got noticed and we managed to come second to Dronfield FC who are a solid set of teams with 9 years behind them (good work dudes). 

Like, I said we were amazed that skateboarding made a place in this awards ceremony, and we managed to be the runners up beating groups like Wirksworth Cricket Club, Hilton Harriers FC and 4 other groups.

Just by getting nominated and beating the above we were invited to the awards ceremony where we ate a 4 course meal and spilled wine with Athletes that had been to Beijing for the Olympics... crip.

Wayne, Dave and Josh warming up 

Wayne + Becca

We're in the programme... wild

Terminator was there

Photos in front of the special awards stand

007 in front of the event sponsors

Each table had a magician, guess where he puled a rabbit from

Place markers and the lot

Our award

They edited a clip with our footage on

And some interviews

Getting serious about what needs to happen in this city for skateboarding

Footage from jams & sessions... go smedders

Becca tells it like it is

No slams here

It was written

Distributing cards... making contacts

It was a long night


Gleaming the cube

Go steady

The end

Thanks to everyone who nominated us, it's a giant leap for the credibility of skateboarding in our city. All helps toward the common goal - a new plaza.

Thanks to everyone who's supported Hooked and skateboarding, and everyone who helps, has helped or skated at our sessions, jams and events.

Keep skating.