Sunday, 16 November 2008

Skaters in suits: Awards night at the Derbyshire Sport Awards

So we got nominated for an award: We got noticed for pushing for a regionally significant park for Derby, teaching skateboarding and trying to get people up and skating more. We were stoked that skateboarding even got noticed and we managed to come second to Dronfield FC who are a solid set of teams with 9 years behind them (good work dudes). 

Like, I said we were amazed that skateboarding made a place in this awards ceremony, and we managed to be the runners up beating groups like Wirksworth Cricket Club, Hilton Harriers FC and 4 other groups.

Just by getting nominated and beating the above we were invited to the awards ceremony where we ate a 4 course meal and spilled wine with Athletes that had been to Beijing for the Olympics... crip.

Wayne, Dave and Josh warming up 

Wayne + Becca

We're in the programme... wild

Terminator was there

Photos in front of the special awards stand

007 in front of the event sponsors

Each table had a magician, guess where he puled a rabbit from

Place markers and the lot

Our award

They edited a clip with our footage on

And some interviews

Getting serious about what needs to happen in this city for skateboarding

Footage from jams & sessions... go smedders

Becca tells it like it is

No slams here

It was written

Distributing cards... making contacts

It was a long night


Gleaming the cube

Go steady

The end

Thanks to everyone who nominated us, it's a giant leap for the credibility of skateboarding in our city. All helps toward the common goal - a new plaza.

Thanks to everyone who's supported Hooked and skateboarding, and everyone who helps, has helped or skated at our sessions, jams and events.

Keep skating.

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