Sunday, 23 November 2008

Boardroom Comp Day

Wicked day all round with some top talent from Leicester and lots of other places. Nice one to everyone who showed up, and massive thanks to the Boardroom for giving everyone a reason to mingle. Bro power!

The Boardroom is a nice colourful place

Nice bowl, people were going off in this 

The rabble queue up for something big

SPT getting shot with a crip fs lip 5-0 fs bigspin out... tech yo

Bambi 5-0

Consisten kflips over the driveway from Smed-bomb

Bambi clears the driveway

Craig Smedley bs nosegrind


Joxa headbutts the wall... but made the transfer

Back lip

Crooks flat to downhill

Tré the driveway... boom

Bambi lips the flat box

More crooks

Frontside air

Blunt fakie

See for yourself:

We handed out stickers and badges, and sponsored the comp with a couple of prizes

RadDad meets Dan Cates, the legend behind Death

Max from Sheffield (House local) wins first place in the Under 16, bagging Hooked gear

The lush Monster girls, Kim and Elana, got Hooked up!

Message in the Bog, bit harsh we thought. Ha

You know the drill... get out and learn some stuff

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