Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hooked Nominated for DERBYSHIRE Sports Award

After Hooked's success in winning the Derby City club of the year sports award we have been nominated for Derbyshire club of the year. This is due in part to all the hard work campaigning, getting statistics together, to get the council on board to try and sort a regionally significant skate park for Derby.

The powers that be wanted to document Hooked to show on the night of the awards, so interviews took place out at Wirksworth skate park on a dank and miserable Saturday mornin. Using Hooked archive footy and the interviews, it should make an interesting watch.

Look out for more info about the skate park for Derby City as we get closer to Chrismas.

*Oh yeah, we don't normally skate in the rain, and we had a few slips and falls, which resulted in mainly bruised arses and battered egos.

Dave skating in the wet, taking his life in his hands, as the camera man found out.

A big thanks goes out to some of the Hooked Crew, Kate, Phil and Matt, for braving the elements!

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